Vrindavan Mathura Yatra with Moksha and Mochitha



Vrindavan is the garden of Divine Love. 

This is the land blessed with the life of Lord Krishna, 

right from the day he was shifted from the dungeons of King Kamsa and carried across Yamuna. 

The Lord blossomed in every speck on this orchard made out of 84 elements carried from the Divine Land. 

You will feel His presence the moment you step on Vraja Land. 

Its liberation from all woes and an invitation to eternal bliss. More than birth place of Lord Krishna, 

Vrindavan is the celebration of innate joy and music of life. 

Every living being in this blessed land is a manifestation of the Divine Joy that Lord Krishna made the world to celebrate. 

This is a chance to fall in love with the world and lose one’s way in that love which flows graciously like Yamuna. 

This is your chance to follow His path, singing and dancing, 

chanting “Radhe Radhe… Hare Rama Hare Krishna…” with one mind and be one with the Divine Glory. 

This is the moment to become another blossom in the Garden of Never-ending Love.

Bhagavat Anubhava Sancharam

Baby steps

Baby steps

Baby steps

   Relive the naughty little Krishna playing pranks at the Mahavan, Chaurasi Kumbh 

and Ramanrethi, 

where Lord made sandcastles. 

Listen to the giggles and whimpers.

Life Lessons

Baby steps

Baby steps

A visit to the village where Lord Krishna grew up will give insights into His life’s message. Nandagaon and Charan Pahad will come alive before your eyes and fill your mind with tales that have enlivened 

your growing up ages.


Baby steps


Govardhana Parikrama is the chance to atonement of sins committed in seven lives. Completing 23 km on foot around Mount Govardhan 

is an experience.  

Love Song

Chants of Life


Nidhu Forest is the land of rasaleela and wonders of life. Relive the magic of Kaliyamardan and visit Ravel Village where Radha was born.

Divine Graze

Chants of Life

Chants of Life

Walk through Ter Kadamba(vrindavan), listening to the neckbells of cows that Lord herded, after visiting Adi Badari and Adi Kedar. - Mathura

Chants of Life

Chants of Life

Chants of Life

The experience attains a full circle with Banke Bihari Temple, the holiest and most famous Krishna temple and Prem Mandir..


When Journey becomes an experience

The journey through life spots of Lord Krishna is not a pilgrimage, it is an experience. Completed in seven days. Unlike other yatras, Moksha’s journey to the birthplace of Lord Krishna is titled Bhagavat Anubhava Sancharam or Divine Experience Journey. As the name suggests, its touches all milestones in the life of Lord Krishna, starting from Mahavan, Chaurasi Kumbh and Ramanrethi, where Lord played as a toddler, to Nidhu Forest where he had his Rasaleela and Ter Kadamba where he grazed cattle before ending the journey at Banke Bihari Temple, the must-visit destination for any Krishna devotee. One whole day in this wonderful journey is dedicated to parikrama or circumambulation of Mount Govardhan, which can be done either on foot or by vehicle. Moksha journeys are customised to suit the need of the Yatris. The Madhura Vrindavan Yatra, known as Bhagavat Anubhava Sancharam, is no different either. This is when you are following the footsteps of Lord Krishna, experiencing his celebration of love and life and losing yourself in his Divine Love.

Journey of oneness

With our team of highly skilled, trained and dedicated moksharthis always ready to help you with every step you take on this memorable journey, you will be enveloped in a sense of endless energy, tranquility and oneness.

TEstimonials of Moksha YAtris

“Moksha yatras are unique experiences. Mathura Vrindavan Yatra is also like that. I don’t feel like travelling with anyone else now.”

Testimonials of Moksha Yatris

“During Moksha yatras, we get detailed information about every temple we visit. This has made Vrindavan trip memorable.”

Testimonials of Moksha Yatris

“Journey through life of Lord Krishna, chanting Radhe Radhe… it was a totally immersive experience.”

Testimonials of Moksha Yatris

“This journey opened up many new information about Lord Krishna. This was fulfilment of wish to be in Vrindavan. I cannot feel like leaving here after making this journey.”

Testimonials of Moksha Yatris

“Vrindavan leaves a feeling that there is much more to see and experience. Rasaleela we witnessed was an experience beyond words. Thanks to Moksha.”

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