Moksha Yatra to Varanasi ( Kashi)



Kashi is where human life is the closest to salvation, they say. This is one of the seven holy sites for Hinduism. Every corner, every point in this town reverberates with the glory of Hindu tradition and ancient wisdom. It is the seat of endless cosmic energy. Life has passed by, kingdoms rose and fell, but Kashi stood tall amongst all. It is vibrant, throbbing with colours and life, meanders languidly like the Mighty Ganga through the narrow passages that connect life and death. Nestled between two rivers named Varuna and Assi, this town is in a time warp. Along these alleys seeped in history, Moksha will lead you in its Tristala Yatra – the incredible journey that will follow you till the end. As a soothing, invigorating memory. Travel through Prayag, the land of Kumbh Mela; Anandavan, Assi Ghat, Kardameswara Temple, the oldest temple in Varanasi…the wonder of Kasi is unending. It cannot be described, it has to be experienced. Here are the six reasons why you should not miss a chance to be a Moksharthi.


മോക്ഷ ത്രിസ്ഥല യാത്ര

What’s special about Moksha’s Kashi Yatra


Kashi is the City of Lights. Rig Veda called it Kasi, from the Sanskrit root kaas or ‘to shine’. This is the entry to enlightenment.


Kashi was established by none less that Lord Shiva. People throng here to experience rebirth, leaving their sins in the eddies of Ganga, before the mighty Lord Shiva.


Various Hindu religious call Kashi Avimuktha (Sanskrit for ‘never forsaken’ by Lord Siva), Anandavana (forest of bliss) and Rudravasa (abode of Siva).


Mythology says that Pandavas came to Kashi to atone for their sins of fratricide. It is still washing away sins and guilt from people’s minds and souls.


Kashi Viswanatha temple is a must-visit pilgrim spot for anyone in India. It is considered to be one of the twelve jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva


Kashi is not just a pilgrimage centre. It is where the best of Indian art confluence. Kashi is where life renews itself.


Check out this great video to know our Yatri's experience with Moksha Kashi Yatra

Boat ride along River Ganges in kashi or varanasi

Moksha’s Tristhala Yatra.

Kashi Yatra

It is said that Ganga flows not on Earth, but in the minds of millions of believers. Kashi, on the banks of Ganga, is the manifestation of this spirit. And it is precisely this spirit that forms the foundation of Moksha’s Tristhala Yatra. In seven days, Moksha will take its yatris along the alleys of history, tradition and best of art. The yatra starts on the magnificent terrain of belief, faith and imagination – Prayag, where two real rivers and one invisible river meet at Triveni. From then onwards, the journey meanders, like a boat cuddled by the eddies of Ganga, imbibing the languid pace of life and getting soaked in the ageless wisdom of masters, listening to timeless classics. Poojas, meditation sessions, satsangs and interactions with the learned ones make Moksha’s Tristhala Yatra a unique and special experience. Yatris will stop by Kalabhairava Temple, Mahamrityunjaya Temple, Visalakshi Temple, Manikarnika Ghat, stand witness to the mesmerising Mangala Arti and be dazed at the Kashi Viswanatha Temple and Mahabodhi Temple. This is a chance to reform yourself. 

Journey of oneness

With our team of highly skilled, trained and dedicated moksharthis always ready to help you with every step you take on this memorable journey, you will be enveloped in a sense of endless energy, tranquility and oneness.


Check out this great video to know our Yatri's experience with Moksha Kashi Yatra





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