Varanasi ( kashi ) Yatra by Moksha and Mochitha

Journey to the Self

Moksha Yatras are not to destinations. They are all journeys to the self. 

Moksha takes people to places, where the physical becomes the spiritual, 

where you are connected to the Supreme Being. 

These journeys ignite the life within, bringing a new insight about one’s own inner self. 

Masters walked over those soil through many ages, 

countless pilgrims followed their path in search of their inner peace. 

Their journeys are in continuum of space and experience. They share the same spiritual quest.

In continuation to the urge to help others to complete the journey of their own self, 

Moksha has been organising exclusive trips to the 

pristine spots of spirituality – like Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, 

on the lap of the Mighty Himalayas and womb of Indian spiritual being or Varanasi, 

where the air reverberates with piety and mantras or hundreds of magnificent temples of South India, 

foundation of each laid on legends and myths that shaped our land.  

Journeys to these destinations are unique experiences, 

as thousands with whom we travelled since 2005 would vouch. 

Because, Moksha Yatras are not just travels. They are experiences, unique and special, 

be it to popular pilgrim spots or to exclusive power points 

that are not easily available in popular itineraries. 

We will take you to spaces that match your spiritual being, where you can relive your life. 

Because, Moksha is a journey to oneself.


Mochitha with Moksha Travellers

Guiding the Traveller

MOKSHA YATRAS demand a special fellow traveller, who is not just a guide to physical journeys. 

It takes a dear friend to lead you down the alleys in your own self unknown to you till now, 

based on the wisdom of ancient masters. 

Someone who can be by your side when you climb to the heights of spirituality, 

like a silent gracious presence.

That is Mochitha for you, the Honorary Director of Moksha. 

She has been a relentless traveller through the spiritual mind scapes of our land. 

Not many have travelled this extensively in search of the roots of our culture and tradition, 

with that inquisitiveness to unearth the true meaning for our social life. 

She is the bridge between the glorious tradition of our land and the vibrant life of modern times.

Her gracious presence and in-depth knowledge have set new standards in Malayalam television 

through the positive energy that she infused to Udayamritam (the morning show telecast in Amrita TV) 

and Prarthana (a devotional travelogue telecast in Zee TV). 

She broke the conventional notions of morning shows and 

took them out of the studio to the effervescent paths of spirituality. 

In that process, she redefined the basic diction of visual travelogues. 

Mochitha has completed the Kailas Darshan in 2012 , 2013 and 2019, 

besides having visited 6,500 temples within India and abroad.

Mochitha will be by your side, as you look up to the glorious sunrise over Mount Kailas.

Our Journey

Mochitha conducting prayers in the banks of river GANGA.

Body - Mind - Soul

Moksha is formed by a group of highly-focussed professionals who have realised that acmes of spirituality could be imprinted in the nuances of mundane realities of routine life. 

For the last 15 years, the team has been tirelessly researching and 

documenting the vignettes of our national heritage and culture. 

During this amazing journey, the team was put face-to-face with one of the most ancient civilisation – and also the terrifying reality that this culture is linked to present day by a single, 

eroding thread of logic. Our historical responsibility is to realise this precarious situation and 

stop these two entities from severing the umbilical connection to drift away, never to meet again. 

We look for this unmistakable connection in rituals survived inside the dark corridors of temples, 

scented with wafts of oil lamps and camphor, reverberating with the chants of wisdom. We engage the new age technology to throw open this wonderful world of unseen mystery to the world. 

By doing so, we are documenting wisdom gathered by alert minds over 

many generations to many more generations coming from unseen future. 

Moksha is not an inert guide. While with us, you are becoming part of an inquisitive team, forever searching for the meaning of existence in the deep recesses of our own heritage and culture. You will be part of the effort to shed light to the subtle crevices in your own mind, 

till now unknown to you, and thus awaken the spiritual consciousness. 

At every step, we will be there to explain and demonstrate how life could become much more meaningful to you. You are not taking a physical journey, we ensure that your mind and soul too climb unconquered heights of tranquillity and peace. We choose the best of professional available, be it guides, sherpas or drivers, to help you through this journey. 

This is an invitation to be part of our family and be secure as in the heart of a family. 

We pray for you and request you to keep us in your prayers.

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